Книги для изучения иностранных языков. Учебники, словари и оригинальные тексты


Список лучших книг для изучения иностранных языков

The Complete Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll

  • Carroll L.
This book contains all the stories of Lewis Carroll, together with all the original illustrations.

The Classic Works of Mark Twain

  • Twain M.
Delighting children and adults around the world, the classic stories of Mark Twain are a must-read set.

Редьярд Джозеф Киплинг: The Classic Works of Rudyard Kipling

  • Kipling R.
This must-have collection includes Kipling's well loved stories including The Jungle Book, the Just So Stories, Stalky & Co. and of course Kim.

The Cuckoo`s Calling

  • Galbraith R.
A gripping, elegant mystery steeped in the atmosphere of London - from the hushed streets of Mayfair to the backstreet pubs of the East End to the bustle of Soho - The Cuckoo's Calling is a remarkable book.

The Book of Strange New Things

  • Faber M.
Peter Leigh is a missionary called to go on the journey of a lifetime. Leaving behind his beloved wife, Bea, Peter sets out on a quest to take the word of God to the farthest corners of the galaxy.

The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes

  • Doyle A.
The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes contains Sir Arthur Conan Doyles final twelve stories about his great fictional detective.

The Children Act

  • McEwan I.
Fiona Maye, a leading High Court judge, renowned for her fierce intelligence and sensitivity is called on to try an urgent case.

The Casual Vacancy

  • Rowling J.
A big novel about a small town, The Casual Vacancy is J.K. Rowling's first novel for adults. It is the work of a storyteller like no other.

The Book Thief

  • Zusak M.
It is 1939. In Nazi Germany, the country is holding its breath. Death has never been busier - and will become busier still.

The choice

  • Sparks N.
Travis Parker has it all: a good job, great friends, a dream home in North Carolina. And in this dedicated pursuit of the good life, Travis has absolutely no interest in a woman ruining it all.

The Choice

  • Sparks N.
Travis Parker has everything a man could want: a good job; loyal friends; his dream home in small-town North Carolina.

Tender Is the Night

  • Fitzgerald F.
Tender is the Night (1934), tells the story of the rise and fall of Dick Diver, a promising young psychoanalyst, and his wife, Nicole, who is also one of his patients.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

  • Twain M.
Perhaps the best-loved nineteenth-century American novel, Mark Twain's tale of boyhood adventure overflows with comedy, warmth, and slapstick energy.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

  • Twain M.
Tor Classics are affordably-priced editions designed to attract the young reader. Original dynamic cover art enthusiastically represents the excitement of each story.

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes

  • Doyle A.
Discover Sherlock Holmes's most memorable and intriguing cases, including adventures with mysterious masked strangers, ingenious heists, murderous plots and hidden jewels.

Юнас Юнассон: The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

  • Jonasson J.
The international publishing sensation—over two million copies sold.A reluctant centenarian much like Forrest Gump (if Gump were an explosives expert with a fondness for vodka) decides it’s not too late to start over…Aft

The Beautiful and Damned

  • Fitzgerald F.
Here is a portrait of greed, ambition, and squandered talent, as depicted in the lives of the very wealthy Anthony Patch and his willful wife Gloria.

The adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

  • Doyle A.
This edition of "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" contains the earliest cases of the greatest fictional detective of all time.

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

  • Stevenson R.
The story of Dr Jekyll, a good man who dedicates his life to helping others, but who also uses a powerful potion to create another version of himself, Mr Hyde, to do his wicked deeds for him.

Storm Front: A Derrick Storm Thriller

  • Castle R.
From Tokyo, to Bonn, to London, high-level bankers are being tortured and murdered. The killer, caught in a fleeting glimpse on a surveillance camera, has been described as a psychopath with an eye patch.

Sycamore Row

  • Grisham J.
Jake Brigance has never met Seth Hubbard, or even heard of him, until the old man's suicide note names him attorney for his estate. The will is dynamite.

Stoker Dracula

  • Stoker B.
Stoker's Dracula is a 1992 American erotic horror film directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola, based on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker.[3][4][5] It stars Gary Oldman as Count Dracula, Winona Ryder as Mina Harker


  • Gaiman  N.
Tristran Thorn promises to bring back a fallen star for his beloved, the hauntingly beautiful Victoria Forester—and crosses the wall that divides his English country town from another, more dangerous world of lords and w

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • Sims L.
Part of the Usborne Reading Programme, which includes over 250 titles across seven levels - all developed in conjunction with reading experts at Roehampton University, this title retells an ever-popular story.

Sherlock Holmes: The Dark Mysteries

  • Doyle A.
In Sherlock Holmes: The Dark Mysteries, Sherlock Holmes expert David Stuart Davies has selected the cases of the great detective that best reflect Sir Arthur Conan Doyles deep interest in the supernatural.

Silas Marner

  • Eliot G.

Sherlock Holmes Complete Short Stories

  • Doyle A.
This handsome collection contains all 56 short stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about the world's most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock: The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

  • Doyle A.
Sherlock: The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Издание на английском языке

Sherlock: The Hound of the Baskervilles

  • Doyle A.
Sherlock: The Hound of the Baskervilles. Издание на английском языке

Sherlock: The Sign of Four

  • Doyle A.
Sherlock: The Sign of Four. Издание на английском языке

Sherlock The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

  • Doyle A.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes brings together twelve of the master detective's most celebrated cases. What is the secret of the speckled band that brings death in its wake?

Sherlock A Study in Scarlet

  • Doyle A.
There's a scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it'.

Sherlock Holmes. The Hound of the Baskervilles

  • Doyle A.
Holmes and Watson are faced with their most terrifying case yet.


  • Tolkien J.
The forerunner to "The Lord of the Rings", "The Silmarillion" fills in the background which lies behind the more popular work, and gives the earlier history of Middle-earth, introducing some of the key characters. "The.

Short Stories

  • Maugham W.
Short Stories.The definitive selection of Maugham's best Short Stories - gorgeously rejacketed in our new series style ."The modern writer who has influenced me the most." - George Orwell ."One of my favourite writers."

Robinson Crusoe

  • Defoe D.
Robinson Crusoe, a novel, first published in 1719, tells the story of a castaway who spends thirty years on a remote tropical island, encountering cannibals, captives, and mutineers, before being rescued.

Robinson Crusoe

  • Defoe D.
Robinson Crusoe runs away from home to join the navy. After a string of adventures at sea, he is shipwrecked in a devastating storm, and finds himself alone on a remote desert island.


  • King S.
A spectacularly dark and electrifying novel about addiction, religion, music and what might exist on the other side of life.


  • Donoghue E.
A major film starring Brie Larson Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize Shortlisted for the Orange Prize Jack is five. He lives with his Ma. They live in a single, locked room. They don't have the key.

Safe Haven

  • Sparks N.
Safe Haven. Издание на английском языке


  • Nabokov V.
Professor Timofey Pnin, previously of Tsarist Russia, is now precariously positioned at the heart of campus America.

Pride and prejudice

  • Austen J.
Elizabeth Bennet is young, clever and attractive, but her mother is a nightmare and she and her four sisters are in dire need of financial security and escape in the shape of husbands.

Pride and Prejudice

  • Austen J.
At the turn of eighteenth-century England, spirited Elizabeth Bennet copes with the suit of the snobbish Mr.

PR 3 The return of Sherlock Holmes

  • Doyle A.
In 1891, the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, disappeared in Switzerland while working on a dangerous case. Everyone thought that he was dead. But three years later, he returned to England.


  • Collodi C.
The story of the walking and talking puppet Pinocchio is one of the best-loved children’s tales of all time.Carved by old Gepetto, Pinocchio has an enormous nose which grows even longer whenever he tells a lie.


  • Austen J.
Jane Austens final novel is her most mature and wickedly satirical. It follows the story of Anne Elliott, who as a teenager, was engaged to a seemingly ideal man, Frederick Wentworth.


  • Shakespeare W.
The Moor of Venice.Othello is an intense drama of love, deception, jealousy and destruction.

No Man's Land

  • Baldacci D.
No Man's Land by David Baldacci is an exciting thriller featuring special investigator John Puller, who is pursuing a case that will send him deep into his own troubled past.


Лучшие методики изучения языков

Какие методы могут помочь в изучении иностранных языков? Самый эффективный - это погружение, так готовили и готовят моряков дальнего плаванья, дипломатов, разведчиков. Их искусственно изолируют от внешнего мира, например, в специальном пансионате или лагере, где воссозданы кварталы какого-то европейского города. Учащиеся в течение курса, длящегося от двух недель и более, вынуждены общаться только на заданном иностранном языке, ходить в специально созданные на территории библиотеки, читать книги на иностранных языках, смотреть видео, выполнять задания. В комнатах установлены датчики, позволяющие слушать, на каком языке разговаривают обучающиеся. В детективном романе Эдуарда Тополя "Чужое лицо" описан один из таких центров.


Книги или фильмы

Часто люди говорят, что они смотрят фильмы на иностранных языках, и этого им достаточно. Для аудирования, то есть понимания смысла и неформальной речи, возможно. Но не для настоящего изучения иностранных языков, в котором огромное внимание уделяется грамматике. Знание ее никто еще не отменял. Нельзя написать резюме или послать в фирму неформальное письмо, полное грамматических ошибок. Нельзя говорить на собеседовании на безграмотном языке.


Поэтому учебники и книги на иностранных языках все-таки будут иметь высший приоритет перед фильмами. Рассмотрим некоторые наиболее эффективные учебники ниже, основываясь на ваши оценки.


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