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Издательство "Penguin Books Ltd.", создает самую разнообразную продукцию образовательного характера в сфере изучения иностранных языков. Деятельность авторов издательства "Penguin Books Ltd." призвана помочь разобраться в нюансах грамматики, синтаксиса и языковой лексики. Опираясь на множественные знания известных авторов, создаются книги, помогающие получить и усовершенствовать знания и навыки владения иностранными яыками, а также узнать что-то новое. Это делает издания не только информативными, но и полезными в практическом плане.

Play to Kill

  • Пи Джей Трейси
"Play to Kill" by P.J.Tracy is the second novel in the Gino and Magozzi crime series. Call it murdertube... Minneapolis homicide cops Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth fish a murdered drag queen out of the Mississippi.

Sisters and Lies

  • Bernice Barrington
"A hugely accomplished thriller, which derives its power from excellent characterisation - they're all well-rounded, recognisable, believable real people - and a meticulously twisty plot.

Live Bait

  • Пи Джей Трейси
When elderly Morey Gilbert is found, lying dead in the grass by his wife, Lily, it's a tragedy, but it shouldn't have been a shock - old people die.

Do Not Become Alarmed

  • Майли Мэлой
When Liv and Nora decide to take their husbands and children on a holiday cruise, everyone is thrilled. The ship's comforts and possibilities seem infinite.

Locked On

  • Том Клэнси
  • Mark Greaney
When a deadly terrorist alliance creates the potential to bakmail any world power into submission, it's got to be stopped before it is too late.

The Valley of Fear

  • Артур Конан Дойл
There should be no combination of events for which the wit of man cannot conceive an explanation.

The Hound of the Baskervilles

  • Артур Конан Дойл
This is the "Penguin English Library Edition" of "The Hound of the Baskervilles" by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Blood Sisters

  • Jane Corry
Three little girls set off to school one sunny May morning. Within an hour, one of them is dead. Fifteen years later, Alison and Kitty are living separate lives. Kitty lives in a care home.

Moscow Rules

  • Дэниел Сильва
The violent death of a journalist leads secret agent Gabriel Allon to Russia.

Want to Play?

  • Пи Джей Трейси
The slaying of an old couple in small town America looks like one-off act of brutal retribution.

Natural Causes

Sixty years ago a young girl was brutally murdered - her internal organs were removed and her body mutilated. Until now she lay undiscovered, sealed in an underground chamber.

Snow Blind

  • Пи Джей Трейси
Snow Blind is yet another top ten bestseller from the chilling P.J.Tracy. The Dead of Winter... Minneapolis, winter's first white flakes; a park full of snowmen.

The Inside Job

  • Felix Riley
Secret Service Agent Mike Byrne is too late… Too late to save the one man who knew the truth - the star witness who was about to blow the whistle on the biggest banking scandal in history.

The Complete Father Brown Stories

  • Гилберт Кит Честертон
Shabby and lumbering, with a face like a Norfolk dumpling, Father Brown makes for an improbable super-sleuth.

Last Seen Alive

  • Claire Douglas
She can runLibby Hall needs to hide, to escape from everything for a while. Which is why the house swap is a godsend.

The Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes

  • Артур Конан Дойл
Sherlock Holmes is not only the most famous character in crime fiction, but arguably the most famous character in all fiction.

The Killing House

  • Крис Муни
Rule №1: don't scream. Four years ago, Theresa Herrera's ten-year-old son Rico was abducted. The police found little evidence and the case went cold.


  • Патрик Ли
Runner is a pulse-pounding, A-grade adventure thriller from acclaimed author Patrick Lee. Sam Dryden was done being a hero.

The Chill

  • Росс Макдональд
Private detective Lew Archer has better things to do than take on an investigation for Alex Kincaid, a young man claiming that his new bride, Dolly, has gone missing.

Tom Clancy's Support and Defend

  • Mark Greaney
One of Tom Clancy's most storied characters, Dominic Caruso, is the only one who can stop America's secrets from falling into enemy hands in this blockbuster new novel written by Clancy's long-time co-author.

The Other Typist

New York City, 1924: the height of Prohibition. In a police precinct on the lower East Side young typist Rose Baker coolly records the confessions of killers and gangsters.

Night at the Crossroads

  • Жорж Сименон
Maigret has been interrogating Carl Andersen for seventeen hours without a confession. He's either innocent or a very good liar. So why was the body of a diamond merchant found at his isolated mansion?

The Thief

  • Клайв Касслер
  • Джастин Скотт
Leaving England aboard the liner Mauretania, Isaac Bell, chief investigator at the legendary Van Dorn Detective Agency, stumbles on and thwarts a kidnapping.

A Crime in Holland

  • Жорж Сименон
Just take a look,' Duclos said in an undertone, pointing to the scene all round them, the picture-book town, with everything in its place, like ornaments on the mantlepiece of a tidy housewife.


  • Юсси Адлер-Ольсен
Kimmie's home is on the streets of Copenhager. To live, she must steal. She has learned to avoid the police and never to stay in one place for long. But now I others are trying to find her.

Dead Run

  • Пи Джей Трейси
It should have been a simple journey: three friends driving cross-country towards Green Bay, Wisconsin. Then Grace, Annie and Sharon break down... Deep in the northern woods, far from civilization.

Chasing the Dead

  • Тим Уивер
It starts out as a sad but hopeless case of mistaken identity. A year after the death of her son Alex, Mary Towne is convinced she's seen him alive - and she wants missing persons investigator David Raker to find him.

The Shadow Woman: A Chief Inspector Erik Winter Novel

  • Оке Эдвардсон
It's August and the annual Gothenburg Party is in full swing. But this year the bacchanalian blowout is simmering with ethnic discord spurred by nativist gangs.

The 7th Victim

  • Mary Burton
It's been seven years since the Seattle Strangler terrorized the city. His victims were all young and pretty, their lifeless bodies found wrapped in a home-sewn white dress.

Poseidon's Arrow

  • Дирк Касслер
In 1943 a submarine returning from a secret mission is attacked, its vital cargo believed lost...

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

  • Джон Ле Карре
For Leamas the espionage business has become an hermetic, enclosed world, detached from outside reality.

Our Kind of Traitor

  • Джон Ле Карре
Britain is in the depths of recession. A left leaning young Oxford academic and his barrister girlfriend take an off peak holiday on the Caribbean island of Antigua.

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

  • Джон Ле Карре
British masters. He has seen too many good agents murdered for their troubles. Now Control wants to bring him in at last - but only after one final assignment.

A Murder of Quality

  • Джон Ле Карре
Carne School, one of the old English public schools, will not tolerate behaviour that endangers the intensely studious and quietly competitive life of its masters and boys.

Something Nasty in the Woodshed

  • Кирил Бонфильоли
Charlie Mortdecai - minor aristocrat and art dealer banished from London for crimes against, well, art - has decamped to the tiny island of Jersey with his wife, Johanna, and manservant, Jock.


  • Юсси Адлер-Ольсен
At first the prisoner scratches at the walls until her fingers bleed. But there is no escaping the room. With no way of measuring time, her days, weeks, months go unrecorded. She vows not to go mad.


  • Dustin Thomanson
An ancient prophecy foretells that the world will end on 21 December 2012 .

Call for the Dead

  • Джон Ле Карре
An Anonymous letter had accused Foreign Office man Samuel Fennan of being a communist. George Smiley, assigned by the Secret Service to vet Fennan, had assured him he had nothing to fear. No one believed this nonsense.

A Death in Vienna

  • Дэниел Сильва
Art restorer and former secret agent Gabriel Alton hasn't been back to Vienna since a terrorist bomb tore his family apart.

Dead or Alive

  • Том Клэнси
After almost a decade, Tom Clancy - the acknowledged master of international intrigue and nonstop military action - returns to the world he knows better than anyone: a world of chaos, caught in the crossfire of politics

The Hanged Man of Saint-Pholien

  • Жорж Сименон
A new translation of a haunting tale about the lengths to which people will go to escape from guilt and book four of the Inspector Maigret series.

The Bone Bed

  • Патрисия Корнуэлл
A woman has vanished while digging a dinosaur bone bed in the remote wilderness of Canada.

The Yard

  • Alex Grecian
A year after Jack the Ripper claimed his last victim, Victorian London is in the grip of a wave of crime and murder, with its citizens no longer able to trust the police to protect them.

Death Angels: A Chief Inspector Erik Winter Novel

  • Оке Эдвардсон
A long-time number one bestseller in his native Sweden, Еke Edwardson?s profile was conspicuously raised when his novel Frozen Tracks was chosen as a finalist for a 2008 Los Angeles Times Book Prize.


  • Юсси Адлер-Ольсен
1987 Nete Rosen thought she'd put her traumatic youth behind her. Her caring foster parents and loving husband helped her start again.

Nick Hornby: Collection (комплект из 6 книг)

  • Ник Хорнби

The Great Novels of Jane Austen (комплект из 6 книг)

  • Джейн Остен

George Orwell: The Essential (комплект из 4 книг)

  • Джордж Оруэлл


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