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Серия "Penguin English Library" – это объединение целого ряда изданий под эгидой единого тематического направления. Серия "Penguin English Library" размещена в виде раздела-рейтинга, представляя ряд материалов на основе оценок пользователей. Давая оценку книгам серии, вы ставите материалы, с более высоким средним баллом, выше, тогда как издания с низкими оценками остаются на дне списка.

The Garden Party
  • Mansfield Katherine
'They could not have had a more perfect day for a garden-party if they had ordered it.' A windless, warm day greets the Sheridan family on the day of their garden party.
The Moonstone
  • Collins W.
This is the "Penguin English Library Edition" of "The Moonstone" by Wilkie Collins.

  • Stoker B.
Alone with the dead! I dare not go out, for I can hear the low howl of the wolf through the broken window'. A chilling masterpiece of the horror genre, "Dracula" also illuminated dark corners of Victorian sexuality.

  • Bronte Ch.
This is the "Penguin English Library Edition" of "Villette" by Charlotte Bronte.

The Portrait of a Lady
  • James H.
She knew of no wrong that he had done; he was not violent, he was not cruel; she simply believed that he hated her'.

The Mayor of Casterbridge
  • Hardy Th.
In a fit of drunken anger, Michael Henchard sells his wife and baby daughter for five guineas at a country fair.

  • Eliot G.
She did not know then that it was Love who had come to her briefly as in a dream before awaking, with the hues of morning on his wings - that it was Love to whom she was sobbing her farewell as his image was banished by

  • Kipling R.
Two men - Kim, a boy growing into early manhood, and the lama, an old ascetic priest - are fired by a quest. Kim is white, although born in India.

Lady Audley`s Secret
  • Braddon M.
Lady Audley's Secret" (1862) subtly undermined the Victorian myth that female self-assertion was a form of insanity.

Swelley Mary: Frankenstein Level 4. Pack
  • Shelley M.
Classic Stories which have been carefully graded for each level according to vocabulary, grammatical structures, sentence length and plot complexity.

Ethan Frome
  • Wharton E.
He seemed a part of the mute melancholy landscape, an incarnation of its frozen woe, with all that was warm and sentient in him fast bound below the surface'.

Far from the Madding Crowd
  • Hardy Th.
I cannot allow any man to - to criticise my private conduct!' she exclaimed. 'Nor will I for a minute'.

  • Joyce J.
From a child grappling with the death of a fallen priest, to a young womans dilemma over whether to elope to Argentina with her lover, to the dance party at which a man discovers just how little he really knows about his

Elizabeth Gaskell: North and South
  • Gaskell E.

With an Introduction and Notes by Dr Patsy Stoneman, University of Hull Set in the mid-19th century, and written from the author's first-hand experience, North and South follows the story of the heroine's mov

Elizabeth Gaskell: Wives and Daughters
  • Gaskell E.

Gaskell's last novel, widely considered her masterpiece, follows the fortunes of two families in nineteenth century rural England.

A Tale of Two Cities
  • Dickens Ch.
Liberty, equality, fraternity, or death; - the last, much the easiest to bestow, O Guillotine!' Described by Dickens as 'the best story I have written', "A Tale of Two Cities" interweaves thrilling historical drama with

Where Angels Fear to Tread
  • Forster E.
E.M.Forster"s forst novel is a witty comedy of manners that is tinged with tragedy.

Two on a Tower
  • Hardy Th.
This is the "Penguin English Library Edition" of "Two on a Tower" by Thomas Hardy. 'Then they proceeded to scan the sky, roving from planet to star, from single stars to double stars, from double to coloured stars.'.

Herbert Wells: The Time Machine
  • Wells H.
The Time Machine is a science fiction novel (1895) about time travel by way of using a vehicle that allowed its operator to travel forwards or backwards in time.

Herbert Wells: The War of the Worlds
  • Wells H.
Книга для чтения на английском языке.
Предлагаем вниманию любителей научной фантастики знаменитый роман Г.Дж.Уэллса "Война миров", одну из первых книг, написанных в этом жанре.

The Warden
  • Trollope A.
It was so hard that the pleasant waters of his little stream should be disturbed and muddied .that his quiet paths should be made a battlefield: that the unobtrusive corner of the world which been allotted to him .made m

The Mill on The Floss
  • Eliot G.
Ardent, impulsive, thirsty for knowledge, Maggie Tulliver is one of the great heroines of literature.

Charles Dickens: The Mystery of Edwin Drood
  • Dickens Ch.
The Mystery of Edwin Drood is the final novel by Charles Dickens, unfinished at the time of the author's death.

Herbert Wells: The Invisible Man
  • Wells H.
The Invisible Man is a science fiction novella originally published in 1897.

The Life & Opinions of Tristram Shandy
  • Sterne L.

The House of Mirth
  • Wharton E.
A searing, shocking tale of women as consumer items in a man"s world, The House of Mirth sees Lily Bart, beautiful and charming, living among the wealthy families of New York City but reluctant to finally commit herself

The Five Orange Pips and Other Cases
  • Doyle A.
He is the Napoleon of crime, Watson.

Mark Twain: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  • Twain M.
Huck Finn escapes from his alcoholic father by faking his own death and so begins his journey through the Deep South, seeking independence and freedom.

Sons and Lovers
  • Lawrence D.
She was a brazen hussy. She wasn't. And she was pretty, wasn't she? I didn't look.

New Grab Street
  • Gissing G.
In "New Grub Street" George Gissing re-created a microcosm of London's literary society as he had experienced it.

Mary Barton
  • Gaskell E.
The rich know nothing of the trials of the poor; I say, if they don't know, they ought to know.

Henry Fielding: Tom Jones
  • Fielding H.
Tom Jones is widely regarded as one of the first and most influential English novels. It is certainly the funniest. Tom Jones, the hero of the book, is introduced to the reader as the ward of a liberal Somerset squire.

Humphry Clinker
  • Smollett T.
The gout-ridden and irascible squire Matthew Bramble makes his way across Britain with his family, and finds himself everywhere surrounded by decadents, pimps and con-men, made to bathe in befouled water and to suffer ra

Framley Parsonage
  • Trollope A.
He was sickened also with all these lies. His very soul was dismayed by the dirt through which he was forced to wade.

  • Burney F.
O Sir, how much uneasiness must I suffer, to counterbalance one short morning of happiness!' In this comic and sharply incisive satire of excess and affectations, beautiful young Evelina falls victim to the rakish advanc

Robert Stevenson: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  • Stevenson R.
Dr Jekyll has been experimenting with his identity He has developed a drug which separates the two sides of his nature and allows him occasionally to abandon himself to his most corrupt inclinations as the monstrous Mr H

  • Gaskell E.
Cranford is an affectionate and often moving portrait of genteel poverty and intertwined lives in a nineteenth-century village.

Charles Dickens: Dombey and Son
  • Dickens Ch.
The earth was made for Dombey and Son to trade in, and the sun and moon were made to give them light. The hopes of Mr Dombey for the future of his shipping firm are centred on his delicate son Paul.

Barchester Towers
  • Trollope A.

Silas Marner

  • Eliot G.

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